Deeds: 1921-38

D'Annunzio and Mussolini during Fascism




January 18th: After several oration to his legionaries, d'Annunzio left Fiume.



January: D'Annunzio supported the Italian Federation of Seaworkers set up by Giuseppe Giulietti, against Mussolini.

May 27th-28th: D'Annunzio received Georgij Vasil'evic Cicerin, soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

August 3th: Oration to nationalists and fascists from Marino Palace in Milan.

August 13th: D'Annunzio was seriously injured by falling from a window and the planned meeting for national pacification with Francesco Saverio Nitti and Benito Mussolini was cancelled.

October 28th: D'Annunzio watched incredulous the march on Rome.

November 2th : D'Annunzio published L'alto monito di Gabriele d'Annunzio alla giovinezza italiana in "Patria del popolo".



Lonely and strictly watched by Mussolini at Vittoriale, d'Annunzio received the princely title of Montenevoso, the warship Puglia e and the MAS of Buccari.



October 9th: D'Annunzio wrote to Mussolini, opposing the Italian alliance with Adolf Hitler.



July 12th: D'Annunzio tried to interrupt the relationship between Hitler and Mussolini after their meeting in Venice. He also wrote a satirical pamphlet against Hitler.



September 30th: Last meeting between d'Annunzio and Mussolini. The Poet reached Mussolini in Verona to interrupt the Italian alliance with Germany.


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