L'Eroe: 1920




September 8th: D'Annunzio approved as new constitution for Fiume the Carnaro Charter, written by the anarchist-trade unionist Alceste De Ambris.

November 12th: After the Treaty of Rapallo, that declared the independence of Fiume, General Enrico Caviglia presented an ultimatum to d'Annunzio.

November 26th: Two days after its expiration Caviglia attacked Fiume; the naval shell Andrea Doria lobbed through the window of d'Annunzio headquarters and the Commandant was softly wounded.

December 26th: After the fights of 'Natale di Sangue', between regular army and d'Annunzio's legions, the Poet declared the surrender of Fiume with a Messaggio agli Italiani.

December 28th: D'Annunzio left the government of Fiume.


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