Deeds: 1919

Wingless Victory



January 14th-15th: D'Annunzio published in "Gazzetta di Venezia", "Idea nazionale" and "Popolo d'Italia" his Lettera ai Dalmati imbued of irredentist ideas.

March 11th: The Poet wrote a Lettera agli studenti dalmati in "Idea nazionale".

May 4th: D'Annunzio threw a violent invective at Woodrow Wilson.

May 6th: Speech to veterans from Capitol.

May 12th: Oration to the aviators in Centocelle.

May 26th: The "Idea nazionale" published another irredentist pamphlet, L'Italia alla colonna e la vittoria col bavaglio.

May 28th: Nationalist oration in Rome.

June 9th: Irredentist article, Pentecoste d'Italia, issued in "Popolo d'Italia".

June 23th: D'Annunzio wrote Il comando passa al popolo in "Idea nazionale".

June 26th: D'Annunzio damned the Italian Government in L'erma bifronte published in "Idea nazionale".

July 1th: Disobbedisco, another irredentist pampleth.

July 9th: L'ala d'Italia liberata, speech in Centocelle.

September 11th: D'Annunzio on board of Fiat tipo 4, joined in Ronchi several officers that wanted to set Fiume free.

September 12th: D'Annunzio led 2000 men to occupy Fiume in the name of Savoy. The citizens received him as a deliverer and named him governor.

September 13th: General Pittaluga, who led the regular troupes in Fiume, left the town in the hands of d'Annunzio's legions.


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