Deeds: 1918

From Buccari to Vienna



February 10th-11th: D'Annunzio stroke public opinion with the 'Buccari Joke': on board of 3 motor-torpedo boats with 30 men led by Costanzo Ciano, he attacked Austrian shipping in Buccari bay. D'Annunzio left three waterprooof containers topped by Italian tricolour with satyrical message. The Poet was given another bronze medal for valour.

March: D'Annunzio took command of the First Air Torpedo Squadron and shared other naval exploits with Ciano.

May-July: D'Annunzio set up the San Marco Squadron that bombed Pola.

August 2th: First attempt to fly over Vienna.

August 8th: Second attempt to fly over Austrian capital.

August 9th: D'Annunzio flew over Vienna, dropping 400.000 provocative pamphlets written in Italian and German language. For this exploit he was promoted to officer of Savoy Military Order.

October 24th: General Armando Diaz launched the final assault ended in the succesfull Battle of Vittorio Veneto. During the fights, d'Annunzio led three times his squadron against the enemy. He was promoted colonel and decorated by the duke of Aosta with a gold medal.

November: At the end of the war d'Annunzio raised public opinion against the decisions of Paris Conference, claiming Fiume and Dalmatia for Italy.


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