Deeds: 1917

Eia Eia Eia Alalà



January-April: D'Annunzio obtained the 'Croix de guerre'.

April: D'Annunzio took command of the 8th bombing squadron in the Comina airfield. He was decorated with a third silver medal.

May 23th: Air operations supporting the Third Army advance.

May 25th: Bombing raid on Medeazza.

May 28th: Together with 'Lupi di Toscana', d'Annunzio was at the battlefront on the River Timavo. Major Giovannni Randaccio fell during the battle in his arms. In Randaccio's name the Poet pronounced the oration La corona del fante.

August 3th-9th: D'Annunzio led three bombing raids on the Austrian bases of Pola by crying 'Eia Eia Eia Alalą', Graeco-Roman 'battle-cry' replacing 'Ip, ip, urrah'. He was promoted major.

August 21th-23th: D'Annunzio took part in the bombing raid on Chiapovano, Bainsizza and Hermada. He was injured in his wrist and was awarded the Savoy Knight Cross.

October 4th-5th: D'Annunzio deserved the first bronze medal bombing Cattaro.

October 24th: The Poet gave several speeches to the survivors of Caporetto.


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