Deeds: 1916

The Hurt Pilot



January 16th: During an emergency landing on the sea at Grado, d'Annunzio dashed his head against the forward machine-gun and was seriously wounded: he lost his right eye permanently.

January-September: D'Annunzio convalescent spent nine months in Venice, looked after by his daughter Renata.

September: The Poet returned to the front line decorated with a silver medal.

September 13th: Bombing raid on Parenzo.

October 10-12th: D'Annunzio had himself attached as a liason officer to the 45th Infantry Division and took part in the fights of Veliki and Faiti.

October-November: D'Annunzio was promoted captain and awarded his second silver medal during 8th e 9th battles of the Isonzo.


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