Deeds: 1915

D'Annunzio Interventionist



March 15th: D’Annunzio with Ugo Ojetti visited the outpost of Reims and sent his testimony to "Corriere della Sera" pleading for the Italian intervention.

May 3th: D'Annunzio left France for Italy.

May 5th: The Poet pronounced the Orazione per la sagra dei Mille to unveil a patriotic monument in Quarto. This oration is the first of many exhortation for the Italian intervention during the 'maggio radioso', later collected in Per la piů grande Italia.

May 7th: Oration to Dalmatian exiles in Genoa.

May 12th: Speech at Hotel Regina in Rome.

May 13th: Arringa al popolo di Roma in tumulto.

May 17th: Last oration in Rome pronounced from the Capitol.

May 24th: Italy declared War on Austria and d'Annunzio enlisted as volunteer. He moved to Venice and was assigned as lieutenant to the headquarter of the duke of Aosta, commander of Italy’s Third Army.

July: First aery mission over Adriatic Sea.

July 21th: Speech to mariners saved from the sinking of Amalfi cruiser.

August 7th-28th: Fly over Trieste.

August 18th-19th: Torpedoing in Panzano.

August 20th: Fly from Asiago to Trent.

October: Excursions in the Carso war-zone.


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